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February 25, 1994 to April 21, 2007
    Sadly, now, it is only with our mind's eye that we can gaze upon that sweet, beautiful face of youth and pure innocence that was our beloved Joey. He could light up a room with his smile and light our hearts with his kindness, consideration and simply, his presence. A zest of life and happiness radiated from him like the warmth of a fire on a cold, blustery winter night. His laughter bounced off the walls of our homes and touched our hearts with love and a fullness that couldn't be matched.

     As a baby, he was happy and content - a cuddler and a snuggler who loved to make us laugh. When he reached out for you, he'd melt your heart in an instant.

     As a toddler, it was wonderful to watch him explore and experience all that was "new". Even then, it seemed he was always eager and willing to try everything - new foods, new words, walking, jumping,climbing, and dancing. It was as though he couldn't get enough of it all. He would even work on ideas his mom and dad would be thinking about; like an invention that would somehow keep the dog from the front seat of the car; or how he and Dad would do some remodeling project they were working on. Even before he started his school years his mind was active and creative.

    Ah yes, then school years - much too soon for all of us, of course, but not too soon for Joey. He was always ready to learn more and take on more. Always "eager to please" everyone - family, friends, teachers, tellers, clerks, coaches, other shoppers, and the public in general.

     This fundamental characteristic never changed with Joey. He was respectful, compassionate and conscientious in his appearance, manners, and behavior.

    He later became a young, student businessman in his own right - "THE LEAF GUY" acquiring his own "clients", quoting jobs and promoting his own lawn care, leaf disposal, and snow removal services; preparing and already working in the Mobile Wash and restaurant businesses that were his, a beginning entrepreneur.

    A good boy (a rarity), a truly remarkableambitious, and enterprising boy that touched the lives and changed the world for everyone he met along his way. He didn't want to damage his lungs or abuse his body - even as a tot, he would choose salad or vegetable over candy and sweets. He wanted good grades in school. He wanted to achieve and even excel. Amazingly, he got as much pleasure in giving as receiving - the kind of boy one might think isn't out there any more. He would have grown to be such a beautiful and wonderful man.

    Some of his favorite things: his "Scoobie-Doo", his "Sleepy Five", the number 5, a dollar sign $, the color Green "because it's the color of Money", Monster Trucks (Grave-Digger), all music - Country, Rock, and Rap. Kenny Chesney was his only concert. The Detroit Tigers baseball team. He saw two live games in Detroit. The beach, swimming, biking, movies, games, magic, rollerblading, camping, and enjoying his time with friends and family.

    Our incredible dearest and beloved Joey - Mom's "Peanut", Dad's "Sidekick", his Nonnie's "Roo", Aunt Dodie's (Dot) "Rooty-Toot", Aunt Mary's (Sweetie) "HoneyBun" and Aunt Deb's "Yoseph". We will Forever Miss Him. Our lives and our worlds are much worse having lost him. But, for our Joey and the love we have for him, we must go on. It is, after all, what he would have wanted us to do.

                        Mom, Dad, Nonnie and All Your Loving Family.

Our Feelings For Joey 
From Our Hearts
(Mom & Dad)
      Hard to think of all we'll miss having lost our only child. We'll never meet his first girlfriend, see him prepare for his first dance, hear him play his trombone again, another concert, or baseball game, play in his new pool, enjoy all the holidays or another birthday. We won't be able to teach him to drive or see his face when he gets his first license, first pay check, or diplomas. We won't have the opportunity to see him graduate or marry, see his face or hear his proud and excited voice when he'd announce himself a new daddy, or grandpa. Indeed, there will never be a graduation, wedding, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, or great grandchildren.

     We can now only imagine his future and what decisions he would have made along his way. He had morals and would have been a scrupulous business man, husband, and father.

      With all the constant advances in technology what else might he have accomplished? He was talented, athletic, musical, artistic, and enjoyed a challenge. With his potential, there would have been no limit.

      May God help all of us now. Our lives are so empty without him; We will forever be INCOMPLETE.

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